Sunday, January 1

A bit of maintenance for the new year

It's a new year so it's a good time to do a little template/blogroll maintenance. I did find an oddity or two that may have resulted from Blogger helpfully updating it for new features, even though I've tweaked the original a bit. The standard Tic Tac Blue didn't handle text scaling well (old monitor was going fuzzy), so I changed some of the measurements to be font-relative. Plus I moved the about text from sidebar to header, and added the requisite blogroll and buttons. I've added the new RSS icon for feed links.

My blogroll is pretty much all the blogs I'm currently reading minus inactive and comment feeds. It's generated from an OMPL file from my local feedreader. I've also dethroned Slashdot from my 10 Best catagory in favor of Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory. He's been doing a fantastic job analyzing the whole warrantless wiretapping scandal, and rebutting the thin defenses from the Bush administration and its blogger supporters. The 10 Best catagory stems from the fact that I needed a way to get my ruthlessly alphabetical feedreader to prioritize my must-reads, and I'm too lazy to edit them back to whatever catagory they belong. Just take it as my personal recommendation for great writers.

Enough meta stuff for now. Hopefully I'll actually write more on this blog this year than last.

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