Monday, January 9

Brief Notes on Books

Browsing in B&N today I see that Marvin "Compassionate Conservatism" Olasky jumps into the Intelligent Design fray with a new book: Monkey Business: The True Story Of The Scopes Trial with co-author John Perry, reiterating a non-sequiter argument every other ID advocate has committed to print.

Shorter Olasky and Perry: The Hollywood version of the Scopes Trial fudged the history, therefore Darwinism is an empty religious philosophy, and ID is the real deal, and any attempt to portray us as the anti-intellectual know-nothings we are is just bigotry fostered by the secular-liberal-media-elites.

In the same vein is A Jealous God: Science's Crusade Against Religion by Pamela Winnick. I've read a few chapters in the store, and I have to say it's exceedingly difficult for her to come to any sort of coherent point in the evolution chapters. (e.g. Some scientists are "celebrities"? How horrible!)

On to books worth purchasing. I'm close to finishing Chris Mooney's The Republican War on Science. It's been a good read and I'll be posting a full review later.

Four months till the new Vinge novel is out.


Coralius said...

There's a new Vinge coming out?!? How did I miss that?

Seth said...

It's called Rainbow's End and is comming out May 2. Sure is a long wait between novels....